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Embodied Educator & Transformational Guide. Yogini. Mama. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend.

As a young child, I was deeply immersed in nature, connected to the cycles of life through wildlife and the movement of the sun, moon, and stars. I incessantly asked questions about the meaning of life, buried my nose in books, played in the fields, and wrote wild poetry in my journal to make sense of my emotions and the world around me.



Through deep healing work, I re-discovered and brought language to the magic I knew deeply in my heart as a child…

As I grew older, I kept pieces of this wild creature alive, while other aspects of my true self became hidden – too wild for the world to understand. I lived many years trying to make sense of my place in the world, knowing that I did not fit – not outcasted, but living as an outsider in my own skin.

In my early 20s I traveled around the world, visiting 10 countries in 100 days. This experience changed my life and prompted me to venture deep down a path of self-discovery as I was authoring my own life in this world. Through deep healing work and profound teachings and trainings, I re-discovered and brought language to the magic I knew deeply in my heart as a child. This inner work took me nearly 20 years to complete.

During this healing phase of my life I developed a profound understanding of the deep wisdom available to each and every one of us through the capacity of the heart, I also became even more deeply aware of the immense pain and suffering alive on the planet. I knew that I needed to equip myself with the proper tools in order to continue my inner excavation work and in turn became a facilitator of healing for others. It is through this awareness and understanding that I continue my work as a facilitator of change, an educator of knowledge, and healer of deep inner work.

As relational beings we are not meant to suffer alone, nor are we meant to heal alone.

It is through the profound support of others, my inner determination and heart that has brought me to this point of capacity and wisdom. And it is from this place that I offer my support to you.

Over the last 20 years of my life, I have been gathering information on how to heal and facilitate healing environments for others. I studied psychology as an undergraduate student, worked with adults diagnosed with severe mental health challenges as a caseworker. During this time I was also learning energetic, body-based, and somatic ways of attuning and healing the body-mind-soul. I then went to graduate school to study the art and craft of teaching and guiding others through transformational change through the lenses of women’s spirituality, embodied wisdom, and transpersonal psychology. Along the way, I went through some of the most terrible and transformative experiences of my life (the kind that shake your world up and ask for you to reconfigure life to thrive through the transmutations). I was also initiated into an authentic tantrik lineage, engaged in 10 years of dedicated tantrik community practice, and received many certifications (too many to name here). Below are a few, so that you can get a sense of my training. I am deeply grateful for all my teachers who entrusted me with their wisdom. I honor my lineage and I honor my privileges to do this work. With deep honor, I embrace the lessons learned and meld together the heart and mind to bring this emergent work out into the world and I welcome you to join me along this path of deep embodiment and inner exploration.

Welcome Courageous and Wise Woman. I am glad that you are here. 


Degrees, Certifications, and Initiations:

 PhD in Transpersonal Psychology (2014) with certifications in Spiritual Guidance and Education and Research (specializations in women’s spiritual development and feminist practice)

Certified Well-Woman Yoga Therapist (2019) – Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Training as Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula (2019) – Ayurvedic Mamas (Jenna Furnari)

Certified Ayurvedic Health Coach (2019) – The Shakti School

Entreprenuerial and Leverage Training (2013-2015) – Women Rocking Business

Certified Yoga Teacher, including Yin Yoga (2013) – Breathe Los Gatos and Sanjeev Bhanot (immersion in India)

Year-Long Graduate Trainining in Focusing – (2010-2011)

Initaiated Shakta Tantrik within the lineage of Sharanya (2010)

Certified USUI Reiki II Practitioner (2007) – USUI Reiki Center, Santa Barbara

Certified Massage Therapist (2006) – Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute



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