Women’s New Moon Circle & Movement Tribe

Moon circles will commence May 2023: The new moon is a potent time for planting seeds of creation, intuiting intentions, and manifesting dreams for the month ahead. It is often a time of inspiration that can be cultivated in service of your goals and deepest desires for growth and healing. Join the circle and movement tribe for guided support each month and a community of dedicated women.




The new moon circle and movement tribe is a new community dedicated to supporting women in developing greater connection with cyclical wisdom through meditations, yoga nidra, movement, and mantra. Each month includes a live online new moon circle as well as recorded online content, including a short workbook to inspire intention and action for the coming lunar cycle. As a member of this tribe you also gain access to a private community.

Features: Every month will focus on a new aspect of self in alignment with the energy present in the moon, planets and stars. All content will be recorded and available to you at anytime during your membership period. Moon circles will commence May 2023.


  • Guided meditations, movement inspiration, and mantra practices designed to infuse your life with inspiration and embodied wisdom each month
  • Workbook prompts to help you delve deeper into your intuitive wisdom and spark focus on what is most important
  • Discover the vast worlds of yoga and Ayurveda and how they can deepen your understanding of health and healing through daily lifestyle practices and ritual
  • Instructional yogic practices that are aligned with current energies of the planets and cycles
  • Community support through the private Discord tribe

More information on membership and pricing coming soon. Moon Circle and Embodiment tribe starts May 2023

Cancellation: You can cancel at anytime by sending an email to info@kendradiazford.com



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